Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pintrest writng.

“Dad Dad tapping on his thigh look at that awesome roller coaster!” I screamed. Can I can I can I pleaseeee can I go on it I demand. Also its Pink,Green,Purple my favourite colours!” Well blue too,I have blue t shirt and a blue shorts on, sure. Yay!!!! she dances around in circles thanks Dad. As they walk closer to the ride they climb up the steps and stand on top of the slide ready to go on the lady said “are you ready” I say YES ok cool. They both get a sack and but it against their bottoms she has a big smile on her face and Dad says ready set GO!!!!!!

But within a few seconds the smile went upside down and I was very scared and my tummy felt like it was going pop out and fall down the slide. My hair was flying in the air and my eyes were watering. I cant wait to get off I say to myself and i'm only half way ahhhh!!!!!! I turn my head and look at dad, and he doesn't look afraid at all how could that ever be!!!!               

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


I have just come back from room 5 from getting my moko done then I was on my way to get dressed.

I have just got dressed then Miss Roil  takes a photo of me cant wait to I get on stage I say to myself.