Thursday, May 08, 2014

Marine Parade.

Marine Parade.

On Thursday we went to the Marine Parade in Napier. We went on our scooters down on the boardwalk, with Jasmine, Dad, Harry and I. Mum went to and she was pushing Milly in the pushchair but she got a little bit grumpy. Mum walked back to the car with Milly.  We scootered past the port and to the play ground.

We had a little play on it and then mum came in the car to the playground. Then we walked down the boardwalk a little bit more and go to Cool Chick and get 3 hot dogs, a punnet of chips and a sparkling duet drink. We sat down and got a seat then waited for our meal.

Just then the lady calls out our number “87” the lady shouts, Mum puts her hand up. She places it on our table we got a little ripped off  because the hot dogs were tiny and had no stick on the end of it. So we put hot chips in our mouths and gulped our soft drink. That was yummy.  Dad asked if we would like and ice cream or a ice block. I said “ice block please” and Harry and Jasmine said “ice cream” so we walked over to the counter.  Jasmine and Harry got a cookies and cream ice cream and I got a tongue twister ice block. We ate and licked our ice blocks and ice cream and walk back to the car. Then we drove all the way back to my house.

By Kyrah.