Friday, December 05, 2014

Year 6 biking on the road.

Today 2nd of December 2014 we had our first time in year six we went biking on the road. At first I was a bit scared but excited at the same time. We all had a tear of been a leader of our group which we had 5 people in it and one teacher Mrs Hardaker. We went down past Karamu High School and down to the round about and turned left to take as to Sylvan road. We went round a couple of blocks then came back to school. In the end I really loved it and I couldn't have waited to Thursday to go again.

Market Day letter to Mr G 2014.

Kyrah Adema
                                                                     Room 10
Market Day 2014

Principal Mark Gifkins
Parkvale School
Howard Street

Dear Mr Gifkins,

I think Market Day was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. I reckon that we should do it more often.  

I think that everyone could participate in everything and get a chance to taste different foods and  get an experience on doing fun jingles and making bright colourful signs. Also its my last year at Parkvale and it ended it very well I have really enjoyed Parkvale and I will miss it very much.

Market day was a really good Idea I had a very good time walking my buddy round and buying all the amazing food.  The thing that I got was a monster sandwich and the juice and I have to say they were both really good.

We had a few accidents with our stand because of that silly wind that blew it over a couple of times. Also the thing I have to complain about is that I think that we should of had a competition and counted up all the tokens and there should've been a winner.

But other then that It was an awesome time at market day so I would like to say thank you.

By Kyrah Adema.

Monday, November 10, 2014


“Ok Dave, Kevin and Jerry I'm heading out to work ill be back soon can you please clean my house and I will give you money alter ok” “Yes Kathrin we will”.

“Lets get this party started” “Hit it Dave”, Kevin excitedly said. Din Din Din Din Din Din Din can't touch me there it loudly sang. There was a piece of wood with a log underneath it lined up straight down the middle of the pool. Dave was sitting on one end and kevin was jumping on the other “CANNONBALL”

SPLASH!! into the big pool and wet Jerry from head to toe.
“ Thats it.” screamed Jerry. Now there was a fight (well at lets tried to help) he pushed Jerry in.
Thats when it started he caught on to his legs and pulled him in. Then they were both up sit and came back up all sopping wet but they ended up fitting until they came inside and wet the carpet and crashed until SMASH!!!!!!! They hit 4 red wine bottles and it poured all over the floor.    

There was a knock knock at the door but because they were fitting they didn't  hear hit they walked in and they stopped to hear someone say i'm home and it was they oner you're FIRED she screamed and kicked all three of  them out the door!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Place value strategie.

My eyes.

photo (1).JPGMY Eyes:

START: My eyes are very unique i'm very lucky to have long dark eyelashes and hazel eyes.

My eyes are just perfect for me people always comment on them how long my eyelashes are, I like that. Its quite amazing that people actually notice but it is good to look in the mirror.   

I like my eyes because i'm very lucky to see the whole world and all the different shapes and colours.

Blood story.

The blood story!!!

There once lived a pack of family wolves Dad, Mum and Baby called Lila.   While we were on our way to stalk some pray I smelt something I knew it was familiar smell but they kept on walking on UNTIL…....

They were just about to pounce on a cheetah that was asleep  when a charging another cheetah was coming straight towards them. Go just go ill stay here!!  Then Darkness was what dad wolf saw Blood was coming out of dads mouth dripping down the side of his face onto the dry grass his body lay flat on the ground cut and torn. Cuts on his legs and back also bleeding the cheetah was still chewing dads flesh and licking up the blood.

Before long mum filled her lungs with air and did the mightiest roar which made the cheetah terrified and it zoomed away. Dad, Dad Baby wolf was weeping not another word came out of his mouth it was a ficoll he WAS died. Later on the cheetah came back and dragged the wolf away from where he killed it and ate it till nothing was left, but the bones of the  skeleton.