Thursday, August 28, 2014

Production Writing

Yay, Sophias back from Fiji!!! (lucky girl) and placed in nicely again. Well, one night down 5 more to go.   At first I was a bit nervous but when I get on the stage it was really exciting. The first thing I was doing was scanning all the seats trying to spot my Mum, there she was sitting in the front row. As my part has been said I had my black with red glitter moko on my chin, red lipstick on my lips and eyeliner on my eyes. I looked back at Mum after I said my line  and she smiled and did that little shoulder up thingie mijagi and winked.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Writing about Poppa smurf

With a grey beard and light blue skin, he walks around humming,   “La la la la la, singing a happy song.” Miniature helpers walk around and around the smurf village like bees in a honey pot.  

Just then the ugly evil wizard catches a glimpse of the miniature blue people and the evil wizards cat Ezrail tries to catch them and take them to his evil tower. While Poppa smurf is taking care of all the mushroom houses they don't no the evil wizard has a close eye on them all.            

Poppa smurf wanders around all day fixing and checking all the secret traps for Gargamel to be fooled into. Poppa smurf is very protective over  Smurfette because Smurfette is the only girl smurf and Gagamall is trying to capture her. He is trying to make her into one of his inventions as he calls it the NAUGHTYS!!!!

As Poppa smurf is flicking through all of his potions and the books with all the spells, he has found the right one to turn Brainy back to his normal self. Aha ha “Brainy Brainy” Poppa smurf calls out. “No.”  See he is not his normal self he is now saying the opposite to everything you say.

Poppa Smurf is a respectful and hard worker.  Whenever you need a helping hand he is there. That is why he is the main person on the smurfs and can do anything for any other smurf.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Writing (Milly My sister)

Whaaa as the medicine goes in, I have know idea why she is crying because the medicine tastes like strawberries. She is so cute with her little nose but oh oh!  She has found the hole her tiny finger has been going in. With her little comb over hair doe, as I cuddle her the smell of the no more tears shampoo came wafting up my nose.

Millys soft small hand wraps around your finger and off she goes little bum waddling feet going fast walking across the lounge floor. My sister is a very unique baby. Milly laughs at almost everything like Mirrors, Magnets and the Cat but I don't blame her, I think the cat is pretty hilarious because it is shaved. Also Mum and Dad say “Lucky she’s cute” when she does not sleep very well.    

As the toy trains and cars have been thrown out of the plastic box crash bang rattle they scatter across the floor!! Tacking them in and out of her mouth, she slobbers all over the cars. Millys secret place to go is around behind the bench by the back door is the cats biscuits. Then she decides to sit down but we need to keep going so she does not eat them.

As soon as Milly catches a glimpse of me, she leans over and tries to steal a hug. So, I guess I am one of Millys favourites.  When she gets hold of me the first place she directs me is into the lounge by the T.V and plonks her bum down then she pulls every single movie out of the shelves and starts  looking and fiddling with the front covers.