Thursday, July 31, 2014


Synthesis Title- Bacteria

Prior Knowledge - what I already know
New Information - what I read in the text
Synthesis - My new understanding is
You can't see bacteria.
If you use hand sanitizer or soap it takes 99% of the germs away.

Bacteria can easily spread.

We have thousands of bacteria all through us.

Pigs and humans have similar bacteria.

There are millions of types of bacteria in the world.

You cant see bacteria we also have thousands through all us.

There are millions of types of bacteria in the world and it can easily be spread.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


During the  first week of the school holidays I went to wellington to watch Kayden play in a futsal competition. Harry and I really wanted to watch our  big brother play in a futsal competition. Futsal is indoor soccer but the goals are smaller.

Guess what? I saw Luca who is in my class there. He came with his Dad. Luca was also participating in the futsal competition too.  The stadium was huge. There were big white sheets going up to the tall roof with the court number on it, The stadium was not what I expected. There were lots of teams playing.

Have you ever been to an Australia and New Zealand futsal game? It was an only boys New Zealand team  playing and there was an X All White playing for New Zealand it was really exciting but the sad thing was that New Zealand lost but it was a good game.