Friday, March 28, 2014

Kayla my buddy!!

My buddy Kayla.

Kayla and I

This is Kayla my buddy. She is from room 17 and her teacher is Mr Dickson.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sky Tower

Sky Tower Auckland New Zealand.

The Sky tower is in central Auckland New Zealand, it is on the corner of Victoria street and Federal Streets , it is a tall tower.

The Sky tower is a tourism spot that lots of people like to go, it is 328 meters high it was starting to be built in 1994 and it opened March the 3rd 1997. The sky tower was a man made structure and weighs 21 million kilos there are fantastic views, and you travel up the sky tower in glass platforms.

The Sky Tower also has a cafe, restaurant and seafood buffet restaurant in it. It also has a sky lounge, which you can also see a amazing view from the sky lounge.

Many people like to do bungee jumps from the top of the Sky tower, it is called the sky jump and it is the highest jump you can do in New Zealand you fall about 85 kph for around 11 seconds. This bungee jump you dont hang upside down, you just fall straight down fast and smooth.

The sky tower would be a great opportunity for you to go and a check it out, or have some lunch and have a look at the amazing view. You could also try out the bungee sky jump if you wanted to. This is one of the views. This is the western view.                       By Kyrah.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Isabelle Eberhardt Famous explorer

I am Isabelle Eberhardt and I am famous for exploring.
I lived and traveled extensively in North Africa.

I was born in Switzerland on February the 17th 1877 and died on October the 1st 1904 at the age of 27 in a flash flood in Algeria.
I dressed up as a man so I could do all the things that men could do because woman in my days weren't allowed to do certain things.
I called my self Si Mahmoud Essadi.

My religion that I am in is muslim.
I was married to Slimane Ehnn an Algerian soldier in 1901.
I have two brothers called Augustin and Vladimir.

I wrote in many books and news papers. I spoke many languages like, French, Russian, German, Arabic and I knew some Turkish. I was also taught Greek and Latin.

I am Isabelle Eberhardt and I am famous for exploring traveling extensively in north Africa.

By Kyrah.