Monday, November 10, 2014


“Ok Dave, Kevin and Jerry I'm heading out to work ill be back soon can you please clean my house and I will give you money alter ok” “Yes Kathrin we will”.

“Lets get this party started” “Hit it Dave”, Kevin excitedly said. Din Din Din Din Din Din Din can't touch me there it loudly sang. There was a piece of wood with a log underneath it lined up straight down the middle of the pool. Dave was sitting on one end and kevin was jumping on the other “CANNONBALL”

SPLASH!! into the big pool and wet Jerry from head to toe.
“ Thats it.” screamed Jerry. Now there was a fight (well at lets tried to help) he pushed Jerry in.
Thats when it started he caught on to his legs and pulled him in. Then they were both up sit and came back up all sopping wet but they ended up fitting until they came inside and wet the carpet and crashed until SMASH!!!!!!! They hit 4 red wine bottles and it poured all over the floor.    

There was a knock knock at the door but because they were fitting they didn't  hear hit they walked in and they stopped to hear someone say i'm home and it was they oner you're FIRED she screamed and kicked all three of  them out the door!!!!!!!!!

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