Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blood story.

The blood story!!!

There once lived a pack of family wolves Dad, Mum and Baby called Lila.   While we were on our way to stalk some pray I smelt something I knew it was familiar smell but they kept on walking on UNTIL…....

They were just about to pounce on a cheetah that was asleep  when a charging another cheetah was coming straight towards them. Go just go ill stay here!!  Then Darkness was what dad wolf saw Blood was coming out of dads mouth dripping down the side of his face onto the dry grass his body lay flat on the ground cut and torn. Cuts on his legs and back also bleeding the cheetah was still chewing dads flesh and licking up the blood.

Before long mum filled her lungs with air and did the mightiest roar which made the cheetah terrified and it zoomed away. Dad, Dad Baby wolf was weeping not another word came out of his mouth it was a ficoll he WAS died. Later on the cheetah came back and dragged the wolf away from where he killed it and ate it till nothing was left, but the bones of the  skeleton.     

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