Friday, December 05, 2014

Year 6 biking on the road.

Today 2nd of December 2014 we had our first time in year six we went biking on the road. At first I was a bit scared but excited at the same time. We all had a tear of been a leader of our group which we had 5 people in it and one teacher Mrs Hardaker. We went down past Karamu High School and down to the round about and turned left to take as to Sylvan road. We went round a couple of blocks then came back to school. In the end I really loved it and I couldn't have waited to Thursday to go again.

Market Day letter to Mr G 2014.

Kyrah Adema
                                                                     Room 10
Market Day 2014

Principal Mark Gifkins
Parkvale School
Howard Street

Dear Mr Gifkins,

I think Market Day was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. I reckon that we should do it more often.  

I think that everyone could participate in everything and get a chance to taste different foods and  get an experience on doing fun jingles and making bright colourful signs. Also its my last year at Parkvale and it ended it very well I have really enjoyed Parkvale and I will miss it very much.

Market day was a really good Idea I had a very good time walking my buddy round and buying all the amazing food.  The thing that I got was a monster sandwich and the juice and I have to say they were both really good.

We had a few accidents with our stand because of that silly wind that blew it over a couple of times. Also the thing I have to complain about is that I think that we should of had a competition and counted up all the tokens and there should've been a winner.

But other then that It was an awesome time at market day so I would like to say thank you.

By Kyrah Adema.

Monday, November 10, 2014


“Ok Dave, Kevin and Jerry I'm heading out to work ill be back soon can you please clean my house and I will give you money alter ok” “Yes Kathrin we will”.

“Lets get this party started” “Hit it Dave”, Kevin excitedly said. Din Din Din Din Din Din Din can't touch me there it loudly sang. There was a piece of wood with a log underneath it lined up straight down the middle of the pool. Dave was sitting on one end and kevin was jumping on the other “CANNONBALL”

SPLASH!! into the big pool and wet Jerry from head to toe.
“ Thats it.” screamed Jerry. Now there was a fight (well at lets tried to help) he pushed Jerry in.
Thats when it started he caught on to his legs and pulled him in. Then they were both up sit and came back up all sopping wet but they ended up fitting until they came inside and wet the carpet and crashed until SMASH!!!!!!! They hit 4 red wine bottles and it poured all over the floor.    

There was a knock knock at the door but because they were fitting they didn't  hear hit they walked in and they stopped to hear someone say i'm home and it was they oner you're FIRED she screamed and kicked all three of  them out the door!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Place value strategie.

My eyes.

photo (1).JPGMY Eyes:

START: My eyes are very unique i'm very lucky to have long dark eyelashes and hazel eyes.

My eyes are just perfect for me people always comment on them how long my eyelashes are, I like that. Its quite amazing that people actually notice but it is good to look in the mirror.   

I like my eyes because i'm very lucky to see the whole world and all the different shapes and colours.

Blood story.

The blood story!!!

There once lived a pack of family wolves Dad, Mum and Baby called Lila.   While we were on our way to stalk some pray I smelt something I knew it was familiar smell but they kept on walking on UNTIL…....

They were just about to pounce on a cheetah that was asleep  when a charging another cheetah was coming straight towards them. Go just go ill stay here!!  Then Darkness was what dad wolf saw Blood was coming out of dads mouth dripping down the side of his face onto the dry grass his body lay flat on the ground cut and torn. Cuts on his legs and back also bleeding the cheetah was still chewing dads flesh and licking up the blood.

Before long mum filled her lungs with air and did the mightiest roar which made the cheetah terrified and it zoomed away. Dad, Dad Baby wolf was weeping not another word came out of his mouth it was a ficoll he WAS died. Later on the cheetah came back and dragged the wolf away from where he killed it and ate it till nothing was left, but the bones of the  skeleton.     

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pintrest writng.

“Dad Dad tapping on his thigh look at that awesome roller coaster!” I screamed. Can I can I can I pleaseeee can I go on it I demand. Also its Pink,Green,Purple my favourite colours!” Well blue too,I have blue t shirt and a blue shorts on, sure. Yay!!!! she dances around in circles thanks Dad. As they walk closer to the ride they climb up the steps and stand on top of the slide ready to go on the lady said “are you ready” I say YES ok cool. They both get a sack and but it against their bottoms she has a big smile on her face and Dad says ready set GO!!!!!!

But within a few seconds the smile went upside down and I was very scared and my tummy felt like it was going pop out and fall down the slide. My hair was flying in the air and my eyes were watering. I cant wait to get off I say to myself and i'm only half way ahhhh!!!!!! I turn my head and look at dad, and he doesn't look afraid at all how could that ever be!!!!               

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


I have just come back from room 5 from getting my moko done then I was on my way to get dressed.

I have just got dressed then Miss Roil  takes a photo of me cant wait to I get on stage I say to myself.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Production Writing

Yay, Sophias back from Fiji!!! (lucky girl) and placed in nicely again. Well, one night down 5 more to go.   At first I was a bit nervous but when I get on the stage it was really exciting. The first thing I was doing was scanning all the seats trying to spot my Mum, there she was sitting in the front row. As my part has been said I had my black with red glitter moko on my chin, red lipstick on my lips and eyeliner on my eyes. I looked back at Mum after I said my line  and she smiled and did that little shoulder up thingie mijagi and winked.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Writing about Poppa smurf

With a grey beard and light blue skin, he walks around humming,   “La la la la la, singing a happy song.” Miniature helpers walk around and around the smurf village like bees in a honey pot.  

Just then the ugly evil wizard catches a glimpse of the miniature blue people and the evil wizards cat Ezrail tries to catch them and take them to his evil tower. While Poppa smurf is taking care of all the mushroom houses they don't no the evil wizard has a close eye on them all.            

Poppa smurf wanders around all day fixing and checking all the secret traps for Gargamel to be fooled into. Poppa smurf is very protective over  Smurfette because Smurfette is the only girl smurf and Gagamall is trying to capture her. He is trying to make her into one of his inventions as he calls it the NAUGHTYS!!!!

As Poppa smurf is flicking through all of his potions and the books with all the spells, he has found the right one to turn Brainy back to his normal self. Aha ha “Brainy Brainy” Poppa smurf calls out. “No.”  See he is not his normal self he is now saying the opposite to everything you say.

Poppa Smurf is a respectful and hard worker.  Whenever you need a helping hand he is there. That is why he is the main person on the smurfs and can do anything for any other smurf.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Writing (Milly My sister)

Whaaa as the medicine goes in, I have know idea why she is crying because the medicine tastes like strawberries. She is so cute with her little nose but oh oh!  She has found the hole her tiny finger has been going in. With her little comb over hair doe, as I cuddle her the smell of the no more tears shampoo came wafting up my nose.

Millys soft small hand wraps around your finger and off she goes little bum waddling feet going fast walking across the lounge floor. My sister is a very unique baby. Milly laughs at almost everything like Mirrors, Magnets and the Cat but I don't blame her, I think the cat is pretty hilarious because it is shaved. Also Mum and Dad say “Lucky she’s cute” when she does not sleep very well.    

As the toy trains and cars have been thrown out of the plastic box crash bang rattle they scatter across the floor!! Tacking them in and out of her mouth, she slobbers all over the cars. Millys secret place to go is around behind the bench by the back door is the cats biscuits. Then she decides to sit down but we need to keep going so she does not eat them.

As soon as Milly catches a glimpse of me, she leans over and tries to steal a hug. So, I guess I am one of Millys favourites.  When she gets hold of me the first place she directs me is into the lounge by the T.V and plonks her bum down then she pulls every single movie out of the shelves and starts  looking and fiddling with the front covers.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Synthesis Title- Bacteria

Prior Knowledge - what I already know
New Information - what I read in the text
Synthesis - My new understanding is
You can't see bacteria.
If you use hand sanitizer or soap it takes 99% of the germs away.

Bacteria can easily spread.

We have thousands of bacteria all through us.

Pigs and humans have similar bacteria.

There are millions of types of bacteria in the world.

You cant see bacteria we also have thousands through all us.

There are millions of types of bacteria in the world and it can easily be spread.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


During the  first week of the school holidays I went to wellington to watch Kayden play in a futsal competition. Harry and I really wanted to watch our  big brother play in a futsal competition. Futsal is indoor soccer but the goals are smaller.

Guess what? I saw Luca who is in my class there. He came with his Dad. Luca was also participating in the futsal competition too.  The stadium was huge. There were big white sheets going up to the tall roof with the court number on it, The stadium was not what I expected. There were lots of teams playing.

Have you ever been to an Australia and New Zealand futsal game? It was an only boys New Zealand team  playing and there was an X All White playing for New Zealand it was really exciting but the sad thing was that New Zealand lost but it was a good game.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Matariki day (cooking)

Matariki day!!

My favourite part of Matariki day was cooking we cooked fried bread it is also called floaters. We got into two groups  our group adult was Justine and the other groups adult was Donna. Fried bread was so good that all teachers came in and had some of OUR bread. You got to put butter, golden syrup or jam on it. Every time I had a fried bread I put golden syrup on it was so yummy. They do not look like normal bread the are raised and a little bit square. In my group I had Nikita n, Galaxy, Alesha, Nikita s.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Shack and the Mysterious Mansion.

The shack
and the mysterious mansion!!

The idea behind my image/picture I was trying to get the reader  under a mansion in a seller under the house. With two skeletons lying side by side with a little door locked up with wooden planks that were nailed on the door. Around one of the skeletons neck there is a green emerald necklace.  This book is not a really happy and chappy colourful book so what age is really suitable for?

I used dark green and black colours to show it is a mysterious book and with the skeletons under the spooky brown seller. The bullet hole through there head also shows it is spooky.

The title I chose made it stands out with its dark green letters and the writing is bold. My position I put it in was a great choice because it is not covering anything and it is just sitting up at the top of the page.
People who like spooky stories this story this story well be right for you 8+ well be the right age. But for anyone else it would be a fantastic book and really interesting book. But you have to read the first book to get what is going on and that book is called too many secrets.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Marine Parade.

Marine Parade.

On Thursday we went to the Marine Parade in Napier. We went on our scooters down on the boardwalk, with Jasmine, Dad, Harry and I. Mum went to and she was pushing Milly in the pushchair but she got a little bit grumpy. Mum walked back to the car with Milly.  We scootered past the port and to the play ground.

We had a little play on it and then mum came in the car to the playground. Then we walked down the boardwalk a little bit more and go to Cool Chick and get 3 hot dogs, a punnet of chips and a sparkling duet drink. We sat down and got a seat then waited for our meal.

Just then the lady calls out our number “87” the lady shouts, Mum puts her hand up. She places it on our table we got a little ripped off  because the hot dogs were tiny and had no stick on the end of it. So we put hot chips in our mouths and gulped our soft drink. That was yummy.  Dad asked if we would like and ice cream or a ice block. I said “ice block please” and Harry and Jasmine said “ice cream” so we walked over to the counter.  Jasmine and Harry got a cookies and cream ice cream and I got a tongue twister ice block. We ate and licked our ice blocks and ice cream and walk back to the car. Then we drove all the way back to my house.

By Kyrah.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Synopsis of Poppa's Present

Popas Present.
By Adrienne Frater

This book is set at Poppa’s house. It is going to be a seventieth surprise birthday present. All of poppa's family are having a meeting to try and decide what to get poppa for his birthday. They put names in Jaksons cap to draw out, so they pull out Sams name so now Sam has to buy poppa a present for his birthday.

A strength of this book is it is really interesting and I was excited to see what Sam was going to get for poppa. A weakness of this book is that when poppa got his present I couldn't quite follow the book.

I think this book was really cool and fun to read and I know how Sam felt when he didn’t know what to get poppa for his present. Sometimes it is hard for me to try and find a presents for people.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Kayla my buddy!!

My buddy Kayla.

Kayla and I

This is Kayla my buddy. She is from room 17 and her teacher is Mr Dickson.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sky Tower

Sky Tower Auckland New Zealand.

The Sky tower is in central Auckland New Zealand, it is on the corner of Victoria street and Federal Streets , it is a tall tower.

The Sky tower is a tourism spot that lots of people like to go, it is 328 meters high it was starting to be built in 1994 and it opened March the 3rd 1997. The sky tower was a man made structure and weighs 21 million kilos there are fantastic views, and you travel up the sky tower in glass platforms.

The Sky Tower also has a cafe, restaurant and seafood buffet restaurant in it. It also has a sky lounge, which you can also see a amazing view from the sky lounge.

Many people like to do bungee jumps from the top of the Sky tower, it is called the sky jump and it is the highest jump you can do in New Zealand you fall about 85 kph for around 11 seconds. This bungee jump you dont hang upside down, you just fall straight down fast and smooth.

The sky tower would be a great opportunity for you to go and a check it out, or have some lunch and have a look at the amazing view. You could also try out the bungee sky jump if you wanted to. This is one of the views. This is the western view.                       By Kyrah.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Isabelle Eberhardt Famous explorer

I am Isabelle Eberhardt and I am famous for exploring.
I lived and traveled extensively in North Africa.

I was born in Switzerland on February the 17th 1877 and died on October the 1st 1904 at the age of 27 in a flash flood in Algeria.
I dressed up as a man so I could do all the things that men could do because woman in my days weren't allowed to do certain things.
I called my self Si Mahmoud Essadi.

My religion that I am in is muslim.
I was married to Slimane Ehnn an Algerian soldier in 1901.
I have two brothers called Augustin and Vladimir.

I wrote in many books and news papers. I spoke many languages like, French, Russian, German, Arabic and I knew some Turkish. I was also taught Greek and Latin.

I am Isabelle Eberhardt and I am famous for exploring traveling extensively in north Africa.

By Kyrah.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weet-bix triathlon.

Dear diary

As I woke up on the day that I had been waiting for, I had butterflies flapping in tummy and I was very nervous. I got out of my warm bed
and opened my curtains as the sun beamed through, ‘what a lovely day ‘.
Then, I walked down the the hall way and I see my mum sitting on the couch watching tv. I go and put my togs on underneath and my t shirt  over top and my socks and sneakers on.

Then mum drove to Frimley Park.  It was so full that we had no where to park so we ended up parking in the v.i.p car park.  First I went to a tent with my bike and got my number scanned which was on my Weet-bix t shirt. While I was there I got a blue cap and walked through to transition put my bike on its stand. Then walked over to the Parkvale tent had a drink.

Then Miss Potts said ‘swimmers come with me it is time to start’ so Ben,Cameron and I walked over to the pool. There was a line of girls and a line of boys I lined up and s a group we walked over to the pool and sat down on the concrete stairs.

One by one groups went then finally it was my turn to swim. We had to hop into the water it was so cold  and then I heard on your marks get set go, I push of the wall hard and start doing freestyle I was showing lots of determination and I didn't stop. Then I was onto my second lap and I get to the steps and I take off my cap and goggles.

I am running to the bike transition then running to my bike and I put my Weet-bix top on and then my helmet and then my sneakers I walk my bike past the flag and then hop on to my bike. I start pedaling down the gravel and I turn the corner onto the bike line on the side of road I am peddling really hard then I see the two policies on the road telling people to stay in inside the cones. I see people in front of me I turn the corner and i am still trying my hardest.Then we get to the gravel again and we had to do two laps I was puffed but I kept going. I am going round the corners and passing some people and I am on the gravel again and turn in to the bike transition. I put my bike on its stand and take my helmet off and start running.

Now I am really puffed but I can't give up I run on some gravel and I am coming round when I see my Mum and I hear her yelling out ‘ GO Kyrah you can do it!!!’ I do a signal asking Mum to pass me my drink bottle so Harry chucks it to me  and I take a sip I keep running. Then I  go round the bend and I see the finish line so I speed up and I am going through the end strait. Josh and Ben are yelling out ‘chuck your drink bottle and run fast’ so I listen to them so I throw my drink bottle on the ground and speed up and I go through the finish line. I get a medal and a cup of water I drink some of it then I tip it on top of my head because I was so hot. Then I line up to get a photo with my medal around my neck. Now it is my turn to have a photo, I smile to the camera. I felt so proud of myself I was still puffing and my legs were aching.

By Kyrah Adema.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A moment in time

I felt the line tug I quickly wheeled it in. Then I saw a blue cod fish jiggle around trying to get of. I wondered if the fish will be a legal? I felt excited. I felt water flicking of the blue cod from it wiggling around. I saw Andy measuring it. I heard Andy say it was a legal. I wondered if we would have it for breakfast.