Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Matariki day (cooking)

Matariki day!!

My favourite part of Matariki day was cooking we cooked fried bread it is also called floaters. We got into two groups  our group adult was Justine and the other groups adult was Donna. Fried bread was so good that all teachers came in and had some of OUR bread. You got to put butter, golden syrup or jam on it. Every time I had a fried bread I put golden syrup on it was so yummy. They do not look like normal bread the are raised and a little bit square. In my group I had Nikita n, Galaxy, Alesha, Nikita s.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Shack and the Mysterious Mansion.

The shack
and the mysterious mansion!!

The idea behind my image/picture I was trying to get the reader  under a mansion in a seller under the house. With two skeletons lying side by side with a little door locked up with wooden planks that were nailed on the door. Around one of the skeletons neck there is a green emerald necklace.  This book is not a really happy and chappy colourful book so what age is really suitable for?

I used dark green and black colours to show it is a mysterious book and with the skeletons under the spooky brown seller. The bullet hole through there head also shows it is spooky.

The title I chose made it stands out with its dark green letters and the writing is bold. My position I put it in was a great choice because it is not covering anything and it is just sitting up at the top of the page.
People who like spooky stories this story this story well be right for you 8+ well be the right age. But for anyone else it would be a fantastic book and really interesting book. But you have to read the first book to get what is going on and that book is called too many secrets.