Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weet-bix triathlon.

Dear diary

As I woke up on the day that I had been waiting for, I had butterflies flapping in tummy and I was very nervous. I got out of my warm bed
and opened my curtains as the sun beamed through, ‘what a lovely day ‘.
Then, I walked down the the hall way and I see my mum sitting on the couch watching tv. I go and put my togs on underneath and my t shirt  over top and my socks and sneakers on.

Then mum drove to Frimley Park.  It was so full that we had no where to park so we ended up parking in the v.i.p car park.  First I went to a tent with my bike and got my number scanned which was on my Weet-bix t shirt. While I was there I got a blue cap and walked through to transition put my bike on its stand. Then walked over to the Parkvale tent had a drink.

Then Miss Potts said ‘swimmers come with me it is time to start’ so Ben,Cameron and I walked over to the pool. There was a line of girls and a line of boys I lined up and s a group we walked over to the pool and sat down on the concrete stairs.

One by one groups went then finally it was my turn to swim. We had to hop into the water it was so cold  and then I heard on your marks get set go, I push of the wall hard and start doing freestyle I was showing lots of determination and I didn't stop. Then I was onto my second lap and I get to the steps and I take off my cap and goggles.

I am running to the bike transition then running to my bike and I put my Weet-bix top on and then my helmet and then my sneakers I walk my bike past the flag and then hop on to my bike. I start pedaling down the gravel and I turn the corner onto the bike line on the side of road I am peddling really hard then I see the two policies on the road telling people to stay in inside the cones. I see people in front of me I turn the corner and i am still trying my hardest.Then we get to the gravel again and we had to do two laps I was puffed but I kept going. I am going round the corners and passing some people and I am on the gravel again and turn in to the bike transition. I put my bike on its stand and take my helmet off and start running.

Now I am really puffed but I can't give up I run on some gravel and I am coming round when I see my Mum and I hear her yelling out ‘ GO Kyrah you can do it!!!’ I do a signal asking Mum to pass me my drink bottle so Harry chucks it to me  and I take a sip I keep running. Then I  go round the bend and I see the finish line so I speed up and I am going through the end strait. Josh and Ben are yelling out ‘chuck your drink bottle and run fast’ so I listen to them so I throw my drink bottle on the ground and speed up and I go through the finish line. I get a medal and a cup of water I drink some of it then I tip it on top of my head because I was so hot. Then I line up to get a photo with my medal around my neck. Now it is my turn to have a photo, I smile to the camera. I felt so proud of myself I was still puffing and my legs were aching.

By Kyrah Adema.


  1. What a wonderful recount Kyrah it looks like you have worked very hard on it. You should be very proud of yourself.